Stream Monitor Update

The 2 data collectors that the Rapidan Chapter paid for are now in Jeffrey’s branch near the headwaters and one is downstream about one mile. I know Doug was interested in getting involved in this, but with all the rain we had, I never did get to fully explore the headwater branches. I would have called Doug to do that with me, but I never was able to get out there. So, I discussed with Nat Gillespie the CSI results and where he thought they should go. I spoke with the farm manager at Cleremont Farm and Mark Thompson who are the two landowners and got permission.

Last Sunday I was out that way doing my chemical stream monitoring for the Goos Creek Association so we just located two deep pools and dropped them in tied to a piece of cinder block. Following is the GPS readings so someone besides me will know where they are. Please record this somewhere in the Chapter records.

1st—100 yards above the large pond on Cleremont Farm on Trappe Rd., near Upperville. 77.52.53W, 39.03.01N

2nd—GCA monitoring site #22 on Jeffrey’s Run is on Millville Rd. about ½ mile from Trappe Rd. The location of the data collector is 35 years above the bridge in a deep hole by a downed tree and snag. 77.51.53W, 39.03.01N.

The computer in them was set to start Monday June 15th at 6 AM. I will record the water temperature every half hour for nearly two years. I plan to check on these quarterly to make sure they are still working. (They beep) and we will remove them after two complete summers. As wet and cool as this one started out, I am nut sure this will be a normal summer

Reported by Marcia Woolman

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