Shenandoah Watershed Study and Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study

For over 30 years, Shenandoah National Park and the University of Virginia have been partners in the study of water quality for SNP’s entire watershed.  This is recognized as the longest continuously conducted watershed research and monitoring program in the National Park System.  Shenandoah Watershed Study (SWAS) data is gathered along with Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study (VTSSS) data which allows for a data set that encompasses most of the trout habitat in the Commonwealth.

VTSSS data is gathered every 10 years.  The last study was done in 2000 and the Rapidan Chapter was a partner in the data gathering effort.  Next spring, we will also have an opportunity to help with this important event.

We welcome Jeb Wofford to our November 4th meeting.  He will discuss “Fish Monitoring and Management in the SNP”.  These programs are directly affected by SWAS and VTSSS data.

Marcia Woolman will also introduce us to the data collection plan for the upcoming 2010 VTSSS study.

Won’t you please join us?

Kevin Daniels
President, Rapidan Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Great information on stalking wild trout in Virginia streams

Where to find trout is important

Where to find trout is important

At our last meeting, our now former member Dr. Larry Puckett provided an outstanding presentation on the characteristics of stream habitat to look for when stalking the elusive brook trout.  Larry was very gracious to make this material available for both our education and to make our quests for trout more productive.  His presentation, and data are available for viewing by clicking the links below:

For his presentation “Prospecting for Brook Trout” Click Here

For his 2000 VTSSS data Click Here

For his map displaying geological areas of Virginia Click Here

Heading South

For several years my wife and I have been planning to move to Asheville, NC when I retire. Well, over Labor Day we put our Manassas house on the market and it sold in 2 days. A couple weeks ago we headed down to Asheville and bought one down there in 2 days. We are now scheduled to pack up the moving van and head south on November 21. So, I have given Kevin my resignation as Conservation Chairman and bid the chapter goodbye at the October meeting. To those of you who were not there I wanted to say goodbye and wish you all the best for the future. If you’re going to be in the Asheville area let me know in advance and maybe we can get out and wet a line together. My email address is cofga at–Larry

November 18, 2009–Board Meeting, 8:45 PM (remote)

November 14, 2009–VCTU Annual Awards Meeting and 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited Annual Awards and 50th Anniversary Meeting will be held in Ruckersville at the Clubhouse in the Four Seasons development.  The meeting begins at 10 AM.

There will be coffee provided. We will have lunch provided (subs or pizza and drinks) or you can bring your own.

Directions are as follows: Read more »

October 21, 2009 Rapidan Chapter Board Meeting (Remote)

The Rapidan Chapter Board will meet remotely on October 21.

October 10, 2009 Autumn Brookie Quest on the Rapidan River

Join us on October 10th to chase the local brook trout population on the Rapidan River.  We will meet at the Criglersville Elementary School parking lot in Syria, VA at 9 A.M., then head over the mountain for the fishing.  Click Here for a map to Criglersville Elementary School

At noon, we will have a picnic at the parking area for the WMA.

Everyone is welcome.  For more information, contact Kevin Daniels at 703-594-3026, or through the Contact Us link on the web site.