January 2012 Rapidan Chapter Meeting Minutes

The January 2012 Chapter meeting on the 4th, was called to order at 7:30pm by President Rob Paul, where we had 20 members present for our annual chapter meeting.

Rob presented a power point slide show regarding the Rapidan Chapter’s 2011 Year-in-Review of events and activities, which meets the requirements of our Chapter’s By-Laws.  During the presentation, Rob shared that our Chapter’s Volunteers at Special Love Camp won an award – “Special People Award,” for their efforts from the Special Love Camp Group.  Rob mentioned that the slide presentation would be posted on the Chapter’s webpage for everyone to view.

Rob then opened a discussion on the proposed Amended Chapter By-Laws.  Having met the requirements of the By-Laws for a 30 day review period before voting, a motion was offered from the members present, to adopt the amended By-Laws.  Mike Mcaffrey offered a 1st on the motion and Beau Beasley offered a 2nd  – the voting was unanimous in favor of adopting, and the motion passed.  A photo was taken commemorating the voting event.  Rob stated the new By-Laws and the photo would be posted on our webpage as soon as he and Fred Kalmeyer – the Chapter Secretary signed the document.

Beau Beasley asked for information concerning how to become a Fishing Show Sponsor and gain advertisement privileges on the printed hand out.

Judd Walls donated at 9′, 9 piece pack rod for a raffle item at the fishing show

Marsha let everyone know she needs more volunteers for Kids Day

Rob opened a discussion regarding radio advertising for our Fishing show.  Last year we were approached and accepted an offer to advertise our Fishing Show on a local radio station, and we’ve been approached again this year.  A motion was made from the floor, with a 1st from Mike McCaffery and a 2nd from Bill Hobson and approved by the members present, to pay $100+ for the advertisement.

Another motion was made from the floor to pay for advertising our Chapter Fly Fishing Show in the Warrenton local newspaper, with a 1st by Danny, a 2nd from Bill, and approved by all present.

A recommendation was made to look into any local free advertising opportunities  – Doug agreed to look into the issue.

A discussion was opened concerning buying shirts for the Chapter Volunteers for the Fishing show, our Kid’s Day event, and other public events where we can advertise who we are as a Chapter.  A motion was put forward from the floor, 1st, and 2nd, and approved to pay upfront for shirts and embroidering, then members will purchase shirts from Chapter:  If you want a shirt please contact Doug Farmer: flytying2002@yahoo.com to place your order.

Marsha won the Chapter meeting’s raffle

The official meeting was closed, and a discussion opened concerning the “legal use” of public property for the sake of recreation in the State of Virginia – as it relates to other similar incidents in other States.

Beau Beasley began and Dargan Coggeshall continued the history of the legal issue concerning Jackson River Kings Grant and the ongoing litigation against Dargan by a riverfront land owner, regarding Dargan’s right to fish in public waters.

We have posted this story previously for the members, and we’re adding it again with the latest updates.  Please call your state delegate to ask for support of the “legal use of public property” as it relates to Dargan.

Information can be found at www.virginiariversdefensefund.org  email at virginiariverdefensefund@gmail.com

A discussion was held concerning contributing to the Virginia River Defense Fund – as it relates to our Chapter meeting similar issue as we work toward conservation, preservation and the restoration of cold water watersheds on public use waters.  A motion was made from the floor to donate $1000 to the fund with a 1st by Judd Walls and a 2nd by Doug Farmer – members present voted to approve.

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