February 2012 Chapter Meeting Minutes

Hi, All–The Rapidan TU meeting convened at &:30 pm on Wed., Feb 1, 2012 by Rob Paul/President at the Sun Trust Bank in Warrenton, VA.  The meeting was preceded by dinner with guest fly tyer William Heresniak at Chipotle with 10 members.  After introduction around the room, (22 present, 2 new (Mike Scully, Brock Livingston), committee reports started.

Treasurer–Doug Farmer–Chapter shirts have been selected (long sleeve, light material, tan with two logos proposed (NTU and Rapidan TU) for embroidery.  Chatper approved the recommendations with a brighter yellow fly (if possible) on the Rapdian TU logo.  The shirts will be $45.  Email Doug Farmer (defarmer12@comcast.net) with size.  Pay Doug upon shirt delivery, or with order.

2012 Chapter Fishing Show–Fred Kallmeyer–The Chapter Fishing Show is scheduled for Saturday, Feb 25 at the Fauquier Fairgrounds in Warrenton from 9 am to 4:30 PM.   More volunteers are needed.  Also, six 6′ tables are needed–four in the lobby and two for membership and aquatic life.  Chuck Hoysa (3), Rob Paul (2) and Jose Varela (1) have offered to bring tables.  We now have two vendor tables available due to last minute cancellations.  Call/email Fred Kallmeyer if you know of interested vendors.  Marcia will bring the chapter tee shirts to the show for volunteers to where.  Chuck Hoysa and Rob Paul are bring portable wireless microphones to the show for emcee and seminar use.  Three people are needed at 11 am Friday (Feb 24) to set up tables and chairs at the show building for approx. 1 hour.  Chuck Hoysa, Red B., and Glenn M volunteered.  Show lobby operations volunteers are asked to arrive at approx. 8:30 am, although some volunteers are needed at 7:30 for vendor support.  The $9 family option for show visitors has been deleted.  Kevin wants copies of th eshow program vendor list (Fred Kallmeyer).  Judson Walls recommended considering event insurance for the fishing show.

Fish With a Friend–Fred Kallmeyer–The draft schedule was presented and now is available on the website.  Please review and email Fredkall@aol.com with questions/conflicts.  Steve Moore (smallmouth guru) has volunteered to be the host for the August 8 event at Hunting Run.  Also, the Upper Jackson River with Andy Holmaas has been added, but not confirmed.  Judson Walls recommended Fish With a Friend schedules be available at the membership table at the fishing show.

Chapter Programs–Fred Kallmeyer–The March speaker will be Tom Sadler on Tenkara Rod fishing.  The chapter is looking for a Shad speaker for the April 4 meeting.  Marcia Woolman recommended Vince Staley and will email his contract information.

Heritage/Kid’s Day–Marcia Woolman–Saturday, April 7.  Volunteers report to Marcia for free lunch ticket and assignment upon arrival.  Additional volunteers and fly tyers are needed.

Trout in the Classroom (TIC)–Chuck Hoysa–Trout release schedules are being planned, starting in late March, and chapter members can view the releases.  Contact Chuck Hoysa at choysa1@comcast.net.

Conservation–Amy Orr–Gathering information for committee meeting.

Newsletter Editor–Kevin Daniels–working the monthly newletter and volunteer hours.

Chapter Strategic Plan–Rob Paul–Members review & comment (rapidantu.org), vote at March 7 meeting.

Goose Creek Tree Planting–Marcia Woolman–Planting planned for late March and volunteers needed; detailed email update to follow.

Temperature Monitors–Fred Fox–looking for new locations (ie; Upper Rapp, Rose River, Fiery Run, Wildcat?)

Casting For Recovery–Carole Miller- Flies requested this year for trout fishing at Graves pond(San Juan worms, Wooly Buggers, Egg Patterns, etc., in size 12, 10, or larger) for a May event.

A birch fly box with 6 birch handled fly tools was raffled off at meeting and won by Judson Walls.

Fred Kallmeyer introduced William Heresniak/master fly tyer of Eastern Trophies Fly Fishing. William demonstrated in detail the tying of three flies: Hickey’s Condor (damselfly/attractor, effective in summer on all fish), CK Critter Bug (hellgrammite & leech imitation, effective year round), and Whistler (smallmouth & musky).

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

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