February 25, 2012–Fishing Show Prize Winners

February 26, 2012

Hi All-Thanks for supporting the Rapidan TU fishing show and its kids & conservation projects. The following is the list of all prize winners. Winners who were not present will be contacted Sunday, and delivery arrangements made.

Bucket prize winners were:

  •  Spachts/Box Flies-F. Fox
  • Woolman/Tying Materials-M. Kidwell;
  • Beasley/Books-M. Woolman;
  • Grauer/Fly Reel-E. Shockey;
  • Urban Angler/Rio Fly Line-M. Ronatine;
  • TomsFF/Casting Lesson-D. Haugan;
  • Harmon Cabins/Two nights-J&F Fox;
  • Eastern TrophiesFF/Streamers-R. Speight;
  • KovachFS/FF Class-R. Bourdage;
  • Murrays FS/Book & DVD-R Christenson;
  • FF Benefactors/Fly Reel&Line-R. Bourdage;
  • Wet Fly Waterguides/Guided Trip-C. Miller;
  • MossyCreekFF/Fishpond Pack-B. Willis;
  • Conrads Flies/Bass Flies-F. Fox;
  • Addicted Angler/$100Gift Cert.-G. Axelson;
  • VA Sportsman Mag/Four Subscriptions-W. Robinson;
  • Tackle Exp./Box of Flies-W. Erico;
  • Kellys White Fly/$50 Gift Cert-N. Stitt;
  • VA HighlandsFF/Books-B. Willis;
  • South RiverFS/Tyer Gift Set-J. Roos;
  • Elk Springs/One Night-S. Waldron;
  • Shenandoah AA/Fiberglass Rod-F. Kallmeyer;
  • Simon Fine Art/Matted Print-G. Bessette;
  • Speckulater Charters/Half day trip-J. Roos;
  • Shenandoah Rods/Hair Stacker Set-S. McCaffery;
  • Walts Poppers/Poppers-L. Miese; and
  • Wissmath FF/Casting Class-M. Murcko.

The Premium Rod Raffle prize winners were:

  • #1/Bogart Custom cane Rod-W. Kline;
  • #2/Sage Flight Outfit-R. Herbert;
  • #3/Gortex Wader jacket & Flies-J. Sampsell;
  • #4/Holmaas Custom Flies(100)-C. Phibbs; and
  • #5/Orvis Clearwater Rod-J.McGhee.

The Montana Trip all expense paid winner was D. Jacobs.

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