October 6th, Saturday – Fish-with-a-Friend/Fall Tune-up/Picnic – Rapidan River

Join us on Oct 6th on the Rapidan River, with our host, Kevin Daniels, for our fall fishing tune–up and Chapter Picnic – Best time of year to catch fish!

  • Meet at 9AM at the Criglersville Elem. School parking lot, or at 10am@ the 1st Bridge/Kiosk area.  If you have something special that you drink, bring that – otherwise, we’ve got drinks and the food covered.
  • Bring your hip waders, a 2wt, 3wt, or 4wt short rod, parachute ants and beetles, parachute Adam’s, bead head nymphs, green/pink weenies, and/or other terrestrials – and whoever is in charge of the “great weather” – don’t forget to bring that too!!  Hope you all can make it!!

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