January 2013 Chapter Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chuck Hoysa (V Pres) at 7:30pm January 2, 2013 at Sun Trust Bank in Warrenton, Va. This was an “all hands meeting” where officers & board members review what happened last year & present chapter plans for next year. After introductions around the room (15 present), Chuck Hoysa led the presentation.

  • Treasurer/Doug Farmer–Sun Trust Bank chapter balance is $9,293.32. Fishing show expenses are trickling in.
  • Website/Judson Walls–Requested comments for improvement.
  • Conservation/Amy Orr (Fred Fox pinch hitting)–Temp loggers have been collected (Rose River, Fiery Run, Spout Run) & data to be evaluated & presented. Spout Run is expected to be chapter major effort, with $$ and volunteer support donated. Updated brook trout habitat maps were generated with improved resolution, showing reduced trout habitat. Marcia W reported that 300,000 Yellowstone Lake lake trout were removed in 2012 (most ever), and chapter $$ donation last spring for electronic tracking made a difference.
  • Membership–New chairperson needed.
  • Fish w Friend / Fred Kallmeyer–2013 schedule on website. Updates made based upon last years’ event support.
  • Trout in Classroom (TIC) / Chuck Hoysa–We are supporting 10 schools this school year. The biggest cost item is the chiller.
  • Fund Raising / Larry Willoughby–Fishing Show is chapter major source of $$ income.
  • Rapidan River Cleanup /Picnic/Tuneup//Kevin Daniels–Scheduled for March 30, due to conflict with other chapter events.
  • Heritage Day/Marcia Woolman–Scheduled for April 6, with more Rapidan chapter volunteers requested.
  • 2 Fly Tournament/Kevin Daniels–Scheduled for April 27, 28. Volunteers for fish team monitoring/ recording needed.
  • Camp Special Love/Bill Hobson–Support dates this year are April 13, June 15, & August 15(Thursday).
  • Volunteer Hours/Kevin Daniels–New form available for chapter event coordinators, and upon completion can be emailed back to Kevin. 59 chapter volunteer hours in Nov/Dec.
  • Newsletter/Kevin Daniels–Keep up the good work. Photo’s & stories needed from members for improvement.
  • Fishing Show/Fred Kallmeyer/Larry Willoughby–Everything on schedule, and Montana Trip & Rod raffle tickets were distributed to members along with show fliers for display in local merchant windows(bring scotch tape) & counters. We need to get the word out and sell/buy raffle tickets! Bring any unsold Montana tickets to show!
  • Speakers/Fred Kallmeyer–Jeff Kelble will be featured fly tyer for Feb 6 meeting, tying his favorite dry & wet smallmouth fly.
  • Election of Officers–A slate of officers & board members was presented, motion made, seconded, and passed. The electees were: Chuck Hoysa/Pres, Doug Farmer/Treasurer, Fred Kallmeyer/Sec, Amy Orr/Conservation, Larry Willoughby/Fund Raising, and Kevin Daniels/Newsletter. The Vice Pres & Membership positions are vacant and need to be filled. Please see Chuck Hoysa if you may be interested.
  • Chuck Hoysa gave a short presentation on snakes common to our fishing area.

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