March 2, 2013 Fishing Show Prize Winners

Bucket Raffle Prize Winners: Addicted Angler/Flies-Gianopulos, Conrads Flies/Flies-Bourdage, Elk Lick Rods/Reel seat-Green, Fly Fishing Benefactors/Fly Reel-Kidwell, Grauers Fine Tackle/Reel/Line-McMillen, Handcrafted Fishing Rods/Fly Line-Yager, Harmon’s Luxury Cabins/Cabin-Mooney, Kovach Fishing Services/FFSchool-Calhoun, Murrays Fly Shop/Book-Myers, Nikko Softbaits/Softbaits-Romberg, Rose River Farm/Cabin-Clark, Rustic Frames &/Print-Gianopulos, Shenandoah Antique Angler/Field Bag & Flies-O’Connor, Shenandoah Rods/Flies & Framed Fly Stamps-McCaffrey, Simon Angling Art/Matted Print-Fike, South River Fly Shop/Fly Tying Kit-Delongis, Speckulater Charters/Charter-Clarke, Tackle Experience/Box of Flies-Myers, Toms Fly Fishing/Casting-Balker, Urban Angler/Ross FF Outfit-Petersen, VA Fishing Adventure/Kids Fishing-Mooney, VA Highlands/Book & Creel-Meeks, VA Sportsman Mag/Subscription-Foster, Walts Poppers/Poppers-Green, Woolmans/Fishing Books-Barker.

Premium Rod Prize Winners: Bogart Custom Cane Rod–Graziola, Hicks Rod Outfit-Clarke, LLBean Travel Rod-Masur, LLBean Gortex Wader & Flies-Feeley, Rose River Farm Cabin-Jacobs.

Montana/Yellowstone Trip Prize Winner-Bayert.

Thank you all for supporting our show.


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