April 2, 2014 Rapidan TU Chapter Meeting

April 2, 2014
9:30 PMto11:30 PM

Hi–Lets meet at Sun Trust bank in Warrenton at 7:30pm for chapter meeting. Featured speaker is BJ Valentine on “DGIF Stocked Trout Plan”. Review plans for Kids Heritage Fishing day support at Graves lodge on April 5. Meet for dinner at 6pm at Thai restaurant.


March 29, 2014 FWF Rapidan River

March 29, 2014
9:30 AMto2:00 PM

Hi–Lets meet at 9:30am, Saturday, March 29 at Criglersville Elementary school for Rapidan River cleanup, picnic, and fishing/tuneup. If you arrive later, meet at kiosk above first bridge on left. Hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, & beverages are provided; please bring  snacks to share(ie chips, cookies, brownies). For flies bring; pheasant tail, copper john, mr rapidan, & small streamers. Hip waders are sufficient.

Hope to see you there.   FredK

Learn to “Read the Rise”

Knowing how trout feed can help you catch more fish.  Fast current and flies that emerge quickly — like caddisflies — or skitter along the surface cause trout to make loud, splashy rises. Classic rises make dimples in the water and leave behind a few bubbles, indicating feeding on mayfly duns and other flies riding above the surface film. Small dimples that leave no bubbles but sometimes include the dorsal and tail appearing usually indicate emergers or small flies dangling in the surface film. Bulges or swirls are the hardest to see and often indicate a fish feeding just beneath the surface.

As always, watch the fish before casting to the fish.  Understanding what they are feeding on, by reading the rise, may help you catch that trout of a lifetime.

Copied from Midcurrents Techniques.  See more at http://midcurrent.com/techniques/fly-fishing-strategy-tips/

Newsletter Archive Updated

Here are some of the newsletters that were missing from the Hatches archive.

Hatches Winter 13_14

Hatches Spring 13

Hatches Summer 13






Spring 2013 Hatches

Hatches Spring 13

Summer 2013 Hatches

Hatches Summer 13

Winter 2013 Hatches

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Spring 2014 Issue of Hatches

Here is the Spring 2014 issue of our Newsletter.

Hatches Spring 14

Another great Fishing Show

Thanks to the vendors, attendees, and volunteers for again making the Rapidan TU Chapter’s Annual Fishing Show a great success.  It is our only fundraising event each year, and allows us to continue the important conservation, preservation, and restoration goals of our organization.   We will look forward to seeing you at next year’s show.

The winners of the raffle drawings are:

Montana Trip – Dean Willis – Manassas

Premium Rod Raffle Winners

Bogart Cane Rod donated by Chris Bogart – E.D. Yost – Charlottesville
Sage Outfit donated by Urban Angler  – John Romberg – Delaplane
Gortex Jacket donated by L.L. Bean – Joe Sampsell – Warrenton
Holmaas Flies donated by Andy Holmaas  – J.S. Bryan – Richmond
Fire Hole Reel donated by Fly Fishing Benefactors – Tom Rakawski – Arlington

Bucket Raffle Winners

Chesapeake Rods and Reels – Pflueger reel and spools – Mike Sharon
Grauer’s Fine Tackle – Fly Reel – Mary Louise Kurchock
Urban Angler – Fish Pond Chest Pack – Pete Milnes
Hand Crafted Fishing Rods – Trout Flies – Fred Fox
Kovac Fishing Services – Bass Flies – Jim Bigus
Walt’s Poppers – Poppers – Charlotte Rodgers
Nikko Fishing – Soft Baits – Brian Murphy
R.J. Hosack – Reel Seat – Susan Keel
Michael Simon Angling Art – Print – Jon Mikolin
Fly Fishing Benefactors – Fly Box and Flies – Clarence Clark
Conrad’s Flies – Bass Flies – J. Martin
Shenandoah Rods – Chest Pack – Bill Renick
Addicted Angler – Trout Flies – Mary Louse Kurdoch
Tackle Experience – Trout Flies – Nicole Bayert
Shenandoah Angler – Flies, Box, and Book – Piccolo
Shenandoah TU – Michael Simon Print – Teresa Myers
Virginia Highlands – Books – Mike Swauger
John Ross – America’s 100 Best Trout Streams – Anthony Maloney

Leaders and Building Furled Leaders

Judson Walls, one of the Rapidan Chapter members, spoke at the March 5 meeting on leaders and building furled leaders.  Rather than buying leaders from your favorite fly shop, Judd explained how easy it was to build your own knotted leaders and demonstrated how to create a furled leader at home.  His presentation can be viewed and downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

FWF Rapidan River March 8–CANCELLED

Hi–FWF has been cancelled due to snow & poor mountain road conditions.  Fred

March 5, 2014 Chapter Meeting

March 5, 2014
7:30 PMto9:30 PM

Meeting at 7:30pm Wednesday, March 5 at Sun Trust bank in Warrenton. Speaker is Judd Walls on ” Furled Leaders”.  Meet at 6pm at Faangs for dinner option.