TU National Leadership Council (NLC) Seeks Increased Women Membership

Old  TU National has started a new membership drive for women from March 1 through May 31.  Free memberships is being offered to women during this time frame.  The NLC Women’s Initiative Workgroup is asking for Chapter help with their goal of increasing and retaining women’s membership within TU.
The goal for the Women’s Initiative Workgroup is to increase and retain new women members in TU.  A free membership program for women was started last year and was successful in increasing our membership with 2600+ women!  What is even more exciting is that our retention rate for these new members is now at 13% and has far surpassed the workgroups original goal!  To keep this momentum continuing, TU has started a new membership drive for women starting March 1 through May 31.  This information was included in the recent Lines To Leaders.  Free memberships will be offered to women once again during this time frame and I encourage you to promote this event within your Chapters.  To continue improving retention rates, TU is also offering reduced memberships to women who had signed up for the free membership when their membership is due.  The renew rate is $17.50 of which $15.00 will go to your chapters.  This membership drive starts March 15 through June 15.  I have attached an excel spread sheet of women in Virginia who took advantage of the free membership but have not yet renewed. I encourage you to contact the women in your Chapter and invite them to take advantage of the renewal rate of $17.50.
Here is the link to the free women’s membership for you to give to any women that are interested in joining TU.  And remember your chapter will receive $15.00 of their first renewal.  https://gifts.tumembership.org/women.  lease visit https://gifts.tumembership.org/women to take advantage of this offer.

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