Raven’s Fork Trophy Section, Cherokee NC

Raven's ForkRecently, I had the opportunity to fish the Trophy Section of the Raven’s Fork in Cherokee NC.  This is a 2.2-mile managed section of the river on the Cherokee Indian Reservation that requires reasonably priced licenses and permits, but worth every penny.  I fished two 1/2 days and a full guided day on the river and found many fish in the 16-18″ range, caught a 20″ rainbow and the 23″ rainbow in the picture.  And I lost several that were bigger yet.  Nymphs, streamers and small dries all produced fish.

On the final day, we fished with guide Justin Anderson who demonstrated the patience of a saint and the knowledge of someone who has spent years fishing the area.  He knew where the fish were, where other fishermen weren’t, and led even the newest fly fishermen in our party to many and large fish.  It was a terrific time and one we will do again.

From Warrenton, it is a 9-hour drive, but a surprisingly comfortable on given it is 4-lane road/Interstate almost the entire trip.  A range of lodging is available in the area, as are a number of equally fine streams including the Tuckasegee and Nantahala Rivers.  Both of these rivers also hold large quantities of fish in shockingly large sizes.

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