August 6, 2018 FWF Rapidan River/Germana_CANCELED

August 6, 2018
8:00 AMto11:00 AM

Hi-Event canceled due to high muddy water.

Lets meet FredK/host at Rapidan River(near Germana College) in Locust Grove @route 3 bridge(eastbound end shoulder parking) at 8am Monday, August 6. Wet wading, staff, streamers & poppers.

July 27, 2018 FWF Phelps WMA Pond


Lets meet BillH/host at 8am Friday, July 27 for largemouth bass fishing at Phelps WMA pond(near HQ building) in Sumerduck, off Sumerduck Rd(east of Kellys Ford). Bring poppers & streamers.


July 18, 2018 FWF Rappahannock River/Hogue Tract-CANCELED

July 18, 2018
4:30 PMto8:00 PM

Hi-Lets meet host/ChuckH at 4:30pm, Wednesday, July 18, at Hogue Tract parking area on Phelps WMA(east of Remington) on Sumerduck Rd in Sumerduck. Wet wading; bring staff, streamers, woolly buggers, & poppers. 5 minute hike to river. Event canceled due to high water.