FWF May 26, 2022 Dry Run

Hi- Lets meet AndyH/host at 2pm Thursday, May 26 on Route 33 west of Harrisonburg, 5.5 miles west of Rawley Springs in Dry Run parking area on right, for green drake hatch trout fishing . Bring chest waders, staff, bug spray, & green drake flies.


FWF June 1, 2022 Chapter Picnic/Fishing

Hi- Lets meet at 5pm Wednesday, on June 1 at Chucks BIL Soldiers Hill Angus farm pond in west Warrenton on March Wales Rd, just south of intersection of Big Springs Rd & Opal Rd. Park in parking lot near barn. ChuckH will provide burgers, hot dogs, and condiments. Members will bring hamburger & hot dog buns, snacks, or desserts for others(pick one), & notify Chuck what you are bringing. Bring your own beverages.

There will be a very short meeting.