September 12-16, TU’s Annual Meeting in Asheville, N.C.

Join TU Sept. 12-16, in Asheville, N.C. for TU’s Annual Meeting. Go to the TU National Site for information and registration

August 8, Wednesday, Fish-with-a-Friend – Hunting Run for Smallmouth Bass

Join our host,  Steve Moore, for an exciting day fishing for smallmouth bass on Wednesday, August 8th, at 8am on Spotswood Furnace Road(CR 620) at Hunting Creek parking area(off Eley’s Ford Road/route 3) in Locust Grove. It is a 0.7 mile walk to Rapidan River.

Bring:  Poppers, streamers, water, bug repellent, and a snack…

July 25th – Wednesday, Fish with a Friend, Rapidan River & Germanna College

Join DannyD/FredK, our host, for our Fish With a Friend outing on Rapidan River at the Germanna College on July 25th for smallmouth bass fishing.  Plan to me them at 7 am, at the Rte 3 bridge – east end next to Germanna College. Bring water, snacks, insect repellent, rod outfit, leaders, small poppers & streamers for flies & wading gear.

April 13-14, 2012 TU Southeast Regional Meeting – Asheville, North Carolina

Join fellow TU council and chapter leaders from across the Southeast for an important and informative regional meeting where they will:

  • Share successes and information across state lines
  • Provide hands-on training to help improve the effectiveness of councils and chapters
  • Develop new tools and action plans to bring home

April 14, 2012 – Special Love Camp Event — Spring Family Weekend

Bill Hobson is leading the volunteer efforts for this Special Love Camp event, please contact Bill at if you can assist – as always, your support is appreciated!!

January 2012 Rapidan Chapter Meeting Minutes

The January 2012 Chapter meeting on the 4th, was called to order at 7:30pm by President Rob Paul, where we had 20 members present for our annual chapter meeting.

Rob presented a power point slide show regarding the Rapidan Chapter’s 2011 Year-in-Review of events and activities, which meets the requirements of our Chapter’s By-Laws.  During the presentation, Rob shared that our Chapter’s Volunteers at Special Love Camp won an award – “Special People Award,” for their efforts from the Special Love Camp Group.  Rob mentioned that the slide presentation would be posted on the Chapter’s webpage for everyone to view.

Rob then opened a discussion on the proposed Amended Chapter By-Laws.  Having met the requirements of the By-Laws for a 30 day review period before voting, a motion was offered from the members present, to adopt the amended By-Laws.  Mike Mcaffrey offered a 1st on the motion and Beau Beasley offered a 2nd  – the voting was unanimous in favor of adopting, and the motion passed.  A photo was taken commemorating the voting event.  Rob stated the new By-Laws and the photo would be posted on our webpage as soon as he and Fred Kalmeyer – the Chapter Secretary signed the document.

Beau Beasley asked for information concerning how to become a Fishing Show Sponsor and gain advertisement privileges on the printed hand out. Read more »

Fred Kallmeyer awarded Chapter Member of the Year

While our Chapter has bunches of members who dedicate lots of work, and many hours toward our goals and mission, this year Fred Kallmeyer, who is the Chapter Secretary, was awarded the 2011 Chapter Member of the Year at our December Meeting/Christmas Party.  Congratulations Fred!!

Conservation news – Public Use Lawsuit – Jackson River

I have cut and pasted an important bit of information from an email of one of our Chapter Board members, please read:

Beau Beasly’s article on MidCurrent provides all the info – link to article ->

Jay / Randy – thank you very much for highlighting the Jackson river problem on the NVTU and Potomac River Smallmouth Club websites.

However, I would like to ask you to take a more aggressive approach to getting the word out and e-mail the following (or an edited version) to your respective mailing lists. This issue is too important to be passive and hope for people to visit the website.

Here is what I recommend you send:

Please join with us to fight for the right for anglers to use public water! We need to mobilize now to make a difference!

A developer is suing 3 anglers in Virginia for fishing a section of the Jackson River that the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries considers public. If the court rules in favor of the developer, rivers throughout Virginia will be off limits for recreational use at the whim of the riverfront landowner in spite of a Virginia law that places the riverbed under the ownership of the State. These things have a way of spreading, so an unfavorable decision could ripple nationwide as a horrible precedent.

The goal is to: Read more »

December 2011 Hatches Newsletter

To view and download the Chapter Newsletter for December 2011, Click Here

December 2011 Chapter Meeting/Party (Minutes)

The December Chapter Meeting and Christmas Party was held this past Saturday evening, Dec 10th, and several members and their spouses attended.  During the party festivities, a short Chapter meeting was held, where the Chapter’s Member of the Year was announced (Fred Kalmeyer), and some discussions regarding events for the upcoming year were expressed.  Then it was back to the festivities – Rita and I want to thank everyone who attended, who brought yummies and gifts, and we hope everyone had a great time, as we certainly did.  Our next meeting is scheduled for January 4th – which is our Chapter Annual meeting and we’re hoping for a great turnout.  See you all then!!