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January 2013 Chapter Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chuck Hoysa (V Pres) at 7:30pm January 2, 2013 at Sun Trust Bank in Warrenton, Va. This was an “all hands meeting” where officers & board members review what happened last year & present chapter plans for next year. After introductions around the room (15 present), Chuck Hoysa led the presentation.

  • Treasurer/Doug Farmer–Sun Trust Bank chapter balance is $9,293.32. Fishing show expenses are trickling in.
  • Website/Judson Walls–Requested comments for improvement.
  • Conservation/Amy Orr (Fred Fox pinch hitting)–Temp loggers have been collected (Rose River, Fiery Run, Spout Run) & data to be evaluated & presented. Spout Run is expected to be chapter major effort, with $$ and volunteer support donated. Updated brook trout habitat maps were generated with improved resolution, showing reduced trout habitat. Marcia W reported that 300,000 Yellowstone Lake lake trout were removed in 2012 (most ever), and chapter $$ donation last spring for electronic tracking made a difference. Continue Reading »

February 2012 Chapter Meeting Minutes

Hi, All–The Rapidan TU meeting convened at &:30 pm on Wed., Feb 1, 2012 by Rob Paul/President at the Sun Trust Bank in Warrenton, VA.  The meeting was preceded by dinner with guest fly tyer William Heresniak at Chipotle with 10 members.  After introduction around the room, (22 present, 2 new (Mike Scully, Brock Livingston), committee reports started.

Treasurer–Doug Farmer–Chapter shirts have been selected (long sleeve, light material, tan with two logos proposed (NTU and Rapidan TU) for embroidery.  Chatper approved the recommendations with a brighter yellow fly (if possible) on the Rapdian TU logo.  The shirts will be $45.  Email Doug Farmer ( with size.  Pay Doug upon shirt delivery, or with order. Continue Reading »

January 2012 Rapidan Chapter Meeting Minutes

The January 2012 Chapter meeting on the 4th, was called to order at 7:30pm by President Rob Paul, where we had 20 members present for our annual chapter meeting.

Rob presented a power point slide show regarding the Rapidan Chapter’s 2011 Year-in-Review of events and activities, which meets the requirements of our Chapter’s By-Laws.  During the presentation, Rob shared that our Chapter’s Volunteers at Special Love Camp won an award – “Special People Award,” for their efforts from the Special Love Camp Group.  Rob mentioned that the slide presentation would be posted on the Chapter’s webpage for everyone to view.

Rob then opened a discussion on the proposed Amended Chapter By-Laws.  Having met the requirements of the By-Laws for a 30 day review period before voting, a motion was offered from the members present, to adopt the amended By-Laws.  Mike Mcaffrey offered a 1st on the motion and Beau Beasley offered a 2nd  – the voting was unanimous in favor of adopting, and the motion passed.  A photo was taken commemorating the voting event.  Rob stated the new By-Laws and the photo would be posted on our webpage as soon as he and Fred Kalmeyer – the Chapter Secretary signed the document.

Beau Beasley asked for information concerning how to become a Fishing Show Sponsor and gain advertisement privileges on the printed hand out. Continue Reading »

December 2011 Chapter Meeting/Party (Minutes)

The December Chapter Meeting and Christmas Party was held this past Saturday evening, Dec 10th, and several members and their spouses attended.  During the party festivities, a short Chapter meeting was held, where the Chapter’s Member of the Year was announced (Fred Kalmeyer), and some discussions regarding events for the upcoming year were expressed.  Then it was back to the festivities – Rita and I want to thank everyone who attended, who brought yummies and gifts, and we hope everyone had a great time, as we certainly did.  Our next meeting is scheduled for January 4th – which is our Chapter Annual meeting and we’re hoping for a great turnout.  See you all then!!

November 2, 2011–Rapidan Chapter Meeting Minutes

Hi All-The Rapidan TU chapter meeting was held at 7:30pm Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at Sun Trust Bank in Warrenton. Eighteen members were present. The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm, and after introductions around the room, the speaker (Larry Dunn)  was introduced by Chuck Hoysa (also JMSWCD).

Larry Dunn manages the John Marshall Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) in Fauquier County. His office’s job is to protect soil & water; specifically to provide technical assistance to farmers, establish soil conservation practices, and provide conservation education. He basically gets livestock out of the water/creeks through road hardening, fences & riparian buffers(35′), wells, amd ice-free geothermal watering troughs. He has a annual budget of ~$600K. Continue Reading »