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Raven’s Fork Trophy Section, Cherokee NC

Raven's ForkRecently, I had the opportunity to fish the Trophy Section of the Raven’s Fork in Cherokee NC.  This is a 2.2-mile managed section of the river on the Cherokee Indian Reservation that requires reasonably priced licenses and permits, but worth every penny.  I fished two 1/2 days and a full guided day on the river and found many fish in the 16-18″ range, caught a 20″ rainbow and the 23″ rainbow in the picture.  And I lost several that were bigger yet.  Nymphs, streamers and small dries all produced fish. Continue Reading »

Rapidan River 3-16-16 FWF

Photos from trip to the Rapidan/Staunton

DSCF1502  Continue Reading »

Rapidan River “Junction Pool” Coordinates and Map Link

For many of our events on the mighty Rapidan River we reference the “Junction Pool”.  The old-timers will tell you it’s the first big pool down in the valley after going over over top the mountain.  For those with more modern direction finding equipment, the coordinates for the Junction Pool are N 38.462108, W 78.365307 (or 38.462108,-78.365307 for google entry–either one will work).

According to the all-knowing Google, it’s 4.3 miles on VA 649 (Quaker Run Road) from the intersection of VA 670 and VA 649.  The road can have some pretty deep ruts, so leave the Ferrari in the garage.

For your viewing convenience a link to Google Maps can be found by Clicking Here.  See you on the water!!

Kid’s Day 2011 Pictures

Kids’ Day 2011 at Grave’s Mountain Lodge was another great success.  See the photos attached for some of the highlights.

2012 Rapidan Chapter Annual Fishing Show Pictures

We had a great turnout at the 2012 Rapidan Chapter Annual Fishing Show.  Many thanks to all who volunteered and to the almost 400 attendees.  We are collecting the many pictures that were taken.  Check back often to see the new pictures that will be added.

Salmon River, New York

Rapidan Chapter member Fred W. Fox fished the Salmon River (Oswego County, NY) on Columbus Day 2011 with his wife’s cousin Bob. Ideal conditions for central New York, daily highs  80 -81 deg. F. at Syracuse airport with clear skies and spectacular fall foliage.  River flow 335 CFS, 60 degrees.

Bob arranged for a guide and we entered the river before 5:00 AM in the village of Pulaski, staked-out a good run, stood in the cold river and waited for dawn.  Guide Dave explained the technique; swinging egg patterns just off the bottom with spin tackle, 12 lb. test.  During this demonstration, Dave hooked a nice Chinook salmon and handed me the rod.  The fish barreled upstream peeling off line against the drag, eventually turned downstream and broke off.  We repeated this lesson again but with Dave’s help and a huge net, landed the good-sized Chinook.  I was feeling bad about keeping this beautiful specimen I had not personally hooked, but while posing for a photo, it thrashed out of my grip and was gone. Continue Reading »