2020 Fish With A Friend

Join us for a relaxing day on one of our many terrific area streams. Learn the local secrets, meet our local members, or just fish.

Whether a beginner wanting to learn, experienced but wanting to see new water, or just have a fun day on the streams with others, our Fish With a Friend program is great fun. More information will be posted on the website as each event nears. Contact Fred Kallmeyer (fredkall@aol.com) to be put on the email list that will go out before each trip.

Here is the latest schedule for Fish With a Friend events. Fred Kallmeyer will be sending out an email reminder several days prior to each event, so contact Fred (fredkall@aol.com) via email if you want to receive the FWF updates. Check back here or on the web site calendar for changes. An email will also be sent the day before a FWF event if it is cancellled/postponed.

Unless otherwise noted, we will be fishing for trout on each outing. For those of you new to the sport, suggestions are provided for trout flies you can pick up in advance. However, our resident experts will always have a few flies they particularly prefer, and will likely have an extra in their “boxes of secrets.”

Bring water, snacks, insect repellent, rod outfit, flies & wading gear to all events.

Mar 7 (Sat)-Rapidan River—Hosted by Andy Holmaas/FredK

  • Location: 9 am @ Junction Pool on mountain.
  • Flies: Bring Mr Rapidan#12-dry, bead head nymphs (Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince, Quill Gordon, etc. sizes 12-16)

Mar 18 (Wed)-Rose River/Syria—Hosted by Red Bourdage/ChuckH

  • Location: 9am @ Syria at end of route 670/SNP.
  • Flies: Bring streamers, (Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, etc., sizes 12-16), and Bead Head nymphs (Hares Ear, Prince)

Mar 28 (Sat)-Rapidan River Cleanup/Picnic/Tuneup—Hosted by Chuck Hoysa

  • Location: 9:00 am @ Criglersville Elementary School, Criglersville VA
  • Bring Bead Head nymphs (Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince, etc. sizes 12-16)

Apr 8 (Wed)-Robinson River-Hosted by Doug Farmer

  • Location: 10am @ Criglersville Elementary School, Criglersville,VA
  • Flies: Bring BH nymphs( Hares ear, Pheasant tail, Prince, etc; sizes 12-16) streamers

April 13 (Mon)-Mossy Creek FF–Guided (1st 8 people, $90),  Email john.j.kopecky@gmail.com & pay DougF/treas. if plan to attend.

  • Location: 8 am @ Mossy Creek Fly Shop/Harrisonburg(new: 480 East Market St)
  • Flies:  Steamers, muddlers, nymphs, and dries.

Apr 20 (Mon)-Cedar Creek Trophy Trout#1, (4 or more, $55). Email rjbourdage@comcast.net if plan to attend.

  • Location: 8am-5pm Cedar Creek, Star Tannery, VA
  • Flies: Streamers, woolly buggers, & nymphs.

May 2 (Sat)-Rapidan river. Hosted by MarciaW.

  • Location: Meet at 9am at junction pool.
  • Flies: Bring streamers, nymphs, & woolly buggers.

May 16 (Sat)-Bluegill Pond. Hosted by Kyle Dingus

  • Location: 7am at Crockett Park/Germantown Lake/off Meetze Rd. near route 28.
  • Bring small flashy nymphs & poppers.

May 27 (Wed) NF Shenandoah River—Hosted by Andy Holmaas, smallmouth bass.

  • Location: TBD
  • Bring chest waders, staff, poppers, craws, & streamers.

Jun 3 (Wed(Thurs-Rain))-Chapter Picnic/Pond Fishing–Hosted by Chuck Hoysa

  • Location: 5 pm Hoysa farm on March Wales Rd(off Opal Rd) in west Warrenton.
  • Flies:  Bring poppers, streamers, & nymphs
  • Food: Bring snacks, or dessert, or burgers/buns, or hot dogs/rolls for others; and your beverage.

Jun 17 (Wed)-South Fork Shenandoah River Hosted by Andy Holmaas, smallmouth bass

  • Location: 9 am @ Grove Hill at Grove Hill Landing-  route 340, exit route 650 east(~1 mile). Float from Shennandoah available.
  • Flies: Bring poppers, woolly buggers, crayfish imitations, & wading staff.

Jun 27 (Sat)-SF Shenandoah River Float-Hosted by Bill Hobson-Smallmouth bass

  • Location:  8:30 am@ Bentonville Landing, float to Guest Shenandoah State Park(~2pm)
  • Flies: Bring poppers, wooly buggers, craws, & float equipment.

Jul 15 (Wed)-Rappahannock River—Hosted by: Chuck Hoysa-Smallmouth Bass

  • Location: 4:30 pm @ Phelps WMA/Hogue Tract parking area (~1 mile upstream of Kelly’s Ford on Sumerduck Road), in Remington.
  • Flies: Bring small poppers, streamers, woolly buggers, and wading staff

Jul 24 (Fri)-Phelps WMA pond–Hosted by:  Bill Hobson-Largemouth Bass & Bluegills

  • Location:  8 am off Sumerduck Road-east of Kellys Ford in Summerduck, right turn at 2 white pillars.
  • Flies:  Bring streamers, poppers and spinning outfits

Aug 3 (Mon)-Rapidan River/Germana College-Hosted by/Fred Kallmeyer-Smallmouth Bass

  • Location: 7:30 am @ Route 3 bridge(east end shoulder) in Locust Grove
  • Flies: Bring small poppers, streamers, woolly buggers, and wading staff

Aug 22 (Sat)-SF Shenandoah River/Alma–Hosted by ChuckH/JoeR-Smallmouth Bass

  • Location: 7:30am @ Route 340Business bridge parking lot(southwest of Luray/Stanley)-Smallmouth Bass
  • Flies: Bring wading staff, poppers, streamers

Sep 5 (Sat)-Rose River—Hosted by Mike Wilson

  • Location: 8 am @ end of route 670/Syria at SNP boundary
  • Flies: (Adams, Mr. Rapidan, Royal Wulff, and BH nymphs (Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince, etc); sizes 12-16

Sep 16 (Wed)-Rapidan River/Junction pool—Hosted by John Long/Fred K

  • Location: 8:00am @ Rapidan Rd & Rapidan River junction/Syria.
  • Flies: Bring streamers, (Adams, Mr. Rapidan, Royal Wulff, Coachman, etc., sizes 12-16), and Bead Head nymphs (Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince, etc., sizes 12-16)

Oct 5 (Mon)-Cedar Creek Stocked Trophy Trout #2(4 or more, $55, Star Tannery,Va). Email Foxtrout15@gmail.com if plan to attend.

  • Location: 8am-5pm at Cedar Creek, Star Tannery,VA
  • Flies: Bring streamers, woolly buggers, nymphs

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