Join Us on a Fish With A Friend Outing

The spring trout season is finally upon us and the reports are excellent.  Water flows are strong, hatches are robust, and the fish are biting.  One member spent Saturday afternoon in the SNP on the Rose River and caught 12 brookies all on one Parachute Royal Coachman fly.  Join us on one of the FWF outings to see new water, improve your skills, or just spend time with quality people.

You can see the entire schedule by CLICKING HERE.  Or send a email to Fred Kallmeyer ( if you want to receive the FWF updates via email.  Detailed updates about each trip are also posted on the home page beforehand.

October 7, 2015 Chapter Meeting

Hi–Lets meet at Sun Trust bank at 7:30pm, Wednesday, October 7 in Warrenton. Speaker is Kyle Dingus, on “Management of Forest Lands”.  Dinner at Faangs at 6:00pm.


FWF October 3, 2015 Rapidan River-CANCELED

Hi–Lets meet KevinD/host at 9am Saturday, October 3, at Criglersville Elem. school in Criglersville for picnic, fishing tuneup, and fishing on Rapidan River. If you arrive later, rondevous area is at kiosk just above first bridge. Bring your favorite picnic snack/beverage for ~6 people. Email if you plan to attend. This is an excellent time to catch brookies.   CANCELED due to weather.

Thanks, Fred

September 17, 2015 FWF Rapidan River/Graves Mill

Hi–Lets meet FredK/host at 8am Thursday, Sept 17 at the Sheetz at the intersection of routes 29 & 230W. Then we’ll proceed to Rapidan River/Graves Mill at west end of route 662. Bring Mr Rapidan dry, BH nymphs, & streamers. Also bring water bug repellent, hip waders, & wading staff.  Email if you plan to attend.

Thanks, Fred

September 5, 2015 FWF Rapidan River

Hi–Lets meetFredK/host at 8am Saturday, September 5 at junction pool at Rapidan River for trout. Bring hip waders, dry flies, & nymphs. Email if you plan to attend.

Thanks, Fred

September 2, 2015 Chapter Meeting

Hi–Lets meet at Sun Trust bank in Warrenton(near Rankin Hardware Home Center) at 7:30pm Wednesday, September 2. Lets catch up on summer and upcoming chapter activities.   Speaker is Chuck Hoysa, on “Chuck’s Bahamas Adventures”.

Dinner is at 6pm at “RED ZONE”(across roadway from Faangs Restaurant).

A fly tying vise will be raffled off at meeting.

Hope to see you there.         Fred

August 22, 2015 FWF Rapidan River/Germanna

Hi–Lets meet Danny/Fred//hosts at 7am Saturday, August 22 at Rapidan River route 3 bridge(east end) at Germanna College for smallies fishing. Bring wet wading boots, wading staff, water, snacks, poppers, streamers, & buggers. Email if you plan to attend. Water level is excellent, 8/21.

Thanks, Fred

August 20, 2015 Camp Sunshine

Hi–Lets meet BillH/host & support the cancer kids camp at Front Royal Fairfax shelter at 9am Thursday, August 20. Aquatic collection in stream in am, and pond fishing in pm.  Email if you can help.  Thanks, Fred

August 12, 2015 FWF Rappahannock River

Hi–Lets meet FredK/host at 7am, Wednesday, August 12 at Rock Wall parking area(Phelps WMA) on Kellys Ford Road east of Remington. There is ~10 minute walk to river. Bring bug repellent, wet wading footwear, wading staff, water, snacks, poppers, nymphs, streamers, & buggers. Email if you plan to attend.  WATER LEVEL EXCELLENT!

Thanks, Fred

July 22, 2015 Rappahannock River

Hi–Lets meet ChuckH/host at 4:30pm Wednesday, July 22 at Phelps WMA Rock Wall parking lot(~1 mile upstream of Kellys Ford on Kellys Ford Road). Bring wet wading gear, wading staff, poppers, streamers, clousers, & nymphs. A 10 minute walk to river.


July 11, 2015 FWF Kellys Ford–CANCELED

Hi–Lets meet DougF/host at 8am Saturday at Kellys Ford bridge parking lot on Rappahanock River  in Remington. Wet wading; bring staff, poppers, streamers, & wooly buggers. Also water, snacks, & bug spray.  Event canceled due to high water & early Sat am rain forecast.