2017 Rapidan TU Fishing Show

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2017 Rapidan TU Fishing Show! We are appreciative of the many hard working volunteers, vendors and especially, all attendees who visited the show. We are grateful for your support and your shared value of the region’s aquatic resources and wonderful fisheries. We hope to see you again next year!

So who were the big winners? Commonwealth trout, all Virginia anglers and the raffle winners (in that order, we think). Raffle winners listed below:

  • Montana Trip – Matt McMillen – Gaithersburg, MD
  • Bogart Park Classic Cane Rod (Chris Bogart) – Sharon McCaffery – Culpeper, VA
  • Orvis Vintage Madison Cane Rod (Red Bourdage) – Kevin Murray – Leesburg, VA
  • Streamlight Ultra Rod/Reel(LL Bean) – John Long- Ashburn, VA
  • Orvis Clearwater Rod (Mossy Creek Fly Fishing)- Dave Harvey – Fredericksburg, VA
  • Firehole 3/4 wt Reel (Fly Fishing Benefactor) – Woodie Walker – Fredericksburg, VA

July 28, 2017 Phelps WMA Pond


Lets meet BillH at 8am, FRIDAY, July 28 at Phelps WMA “Phelps Pond” off Sumerduck Rd(east of Kellys Ford Rd, and first right after Courtney Corner Rd/ intersection at white stone pillar) in public parking area. Short walk to pond. Largemouth bass fishing. Bring bug spray, water, & snacks. Courtneys Corner Rd(route 637) connects Sumerduck Rd with Route 17, about 3 miles south of route 28. See google maps for more details. DATE CHANGED DUE TO WEATHER.


July 19, 2017 FWF Rapp River/Hogue Tract

Hi–Lets meet ChuckH/host at 4:30 pm Wednesday, July 19 at Hogue Tract/Phelps WMA parking lot on Sumerduck Rd. Wet wading; bring staff, streamers, woolly buggers, poppers, & nymphs. Also water, snacks, & bug spray. Five minute walk to river.


July 8, 2017 FWF Rappahannock River/Kellys Ford-CANCELED


Lets meet DougF/host at Kellys Ford bridge parking area in Sumerduck at 8am Saturday, July 8. Wet wading, staff, water, snacks, bug spray, poppers, streamers, & woolly buggers.   CANCELED due to high brown water!


June 28, 2017 FWF Rapidan River/Germanna College

Hi–Lets meet FredK at 8am Wednesday, June 28 at Route 3 bridge(east end at Germanna College) in Locust Grove. Wet wading, staff, poppers, streamers, & w buggers.


June 21, 2017 FWF SF Shenadoah/Luray-CANCELED

Hi–Lets meet AndyH/host at 9am, Wednesday, June 21 at route 675 at Bixler’s bridge on SF Shenandoah River in Luray. Bring poppers, streamers, & woolly buggers; water, suntan lotion, bug spray, wading staff, & wet wading gear.   HIGH BROWN WATER!

See you there, FredK

June 17, 2017 Camp Funshine 4H Center


Lets meet BillH/host on Saturday, June 17 at 9am at Fairfax shelter at 4H Center in Front Royal, off of route 522S. Coffee & danish available. Lets help kids catch & identify aquatic critters in creek in am, eat free lunch, and pond fish with kids until ~3pm. If you can only help in am, its ok.

Thanks, Fred

June 14, 2017 FWF SF Shenandoah River

Hi–Lets meet BillH/host at 9am Wednesday, June 14 in Front Royal at Big Lots store-intersection of routes 55 & 522. Bring poppers, woolly buggers, craws,  wading staff, snacks, & water.

Hope to see you there.


June 7, 2017-Chapter Picnic & Pond Fishing

Hi–Lets join ChuckH/host at chapter picnic at 5pm on Wednesday, June 7, at brother-in-law pond(8459 March Wales Rd) in Warrenton. Email choysa1@comcast.net if you plan to attend. Bring snacks & beverages. Chuck is providing burger , hot dogs, & condiments.

Thanks, Fred

May 6, 2017 FWF CANCELED

Hi–Lets meet host KyleD at 8am at TBD. Bring dries, nymphs, & streamers. Also hip waders, water, & snacks.

EVENT canceled due to RAIN forecast.

Thanks, Fred

May 31, 2017 FWF NF Shenandoah/Mt Jackson-CANCELED

Hi-Lets meet AndyH/host at noon Wednesday, May 31 at route 720 covered bridge on NF Shenandoah River off of route 11 south of Mt Jackson. Bring chest waders, staff, poppers, wooly buggers, craws, & streamers. Also water & snacks.