What’s in Your Fly Box?

New to fly fishing or just want to compare what’s in your box to what the “experts” carry?  Check out the “What’s in Your Fly Box” post.  While some may argue with the results or the scientific methodology, this post provides a great starting point in fly selection.

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JULY 23, 2014 FWF Rappahanock/ChuckH

Hi–Lets meet at Phelps WMA Rock Wall parking lot at 5pm Wednesday, July 23  on Kelleys Ford Road, about one mile upstream of Kellys Ford. Bring wading staff, wading boots, poppers, streamers, water, & snacks. There is a 10 minute walk to river.


July 16, 2014 FWF Rappahannock-CANCELED

Hi–FWF Rappahannock at Kelleys Ford bridge parking lot with host/DougF is planned for 8am Wednesday, July 16, 2014. However the water is currently too high for safe fishing. A final decision will be made Monday pm.   CANCELED due to high water levels.

Thanks, Fred

FWF Shenandoah River June 21, 2014 Canceled

Hi–FWF for Saturday, June 21, 2014 has been canceled due to high water.   Fred

July 2, 2014 FWF Germanna/Rapidan River Canceled

Hi–FWF Germanna/Rapidan River has been canceled due to high water.   Fred

July 21, 2014 FWF SF Shenandoah/Bogart

Hi–Lets meet at Chris’s place at 6013 South Page Valley Road, Luray at 8am Monday. Bring wading staff, streamers, poppers, snacks, & water.   Fred

What’s in Your Fly Box? See a Top 10 List

elk_hair_caddis Those new to fly fishing face a dizzying number of decisions—long or short, fast or slow, glass or grass, line color, click and pawl or disc drag, expensive or cheap…….  Even after staggering through the all the equipment decisions, you then have even more choices about what to put on the end of the line. What flies you carry will depend on a number of factors—climate and conditions, hatches, water levels and clarity, etc.  But, there are some basic trout flies that you should never leave home without.

After scouring the internet for “Top 10 (or more) Fly” recommendations, I listed each in a spreadsheet and tallied the number of time a fly was common across the various lists. Continue Reading »

Camp Special Love June 14, 2014

Hi–Camp Special Love is scheduled for Saturday, June 14, from 9am-3pm at Fairfax Shelter at 4H center in Front Royal. Volunteers are needed to support BillH/host for this event with cancer kids aquatic life stream collection/identification and pond fishing.


FWF JUNE 9, 2014 Postponed

Hi–The FWF at SF Shenandoah has been postponed until 8am Monday, July 21.  Fred

JUNE 4, 2014 Chapter Picnic

Hi–Lets have fun and meet at Fred Fox place(11016 saratoga ct, marshall) at 6pm Wednesday, June 4 for fly casting tuneup, picnic, & pond fishing. Please bring one of the following(large side dish, chips/snacks, dessert, beverages) and email “foxbluemont@aol.com” with what you plan to bring.

FWF Upper Jackson River May 30, 2014

Hi–Lets meet AndyH at 10am at Poor Farm Road and Jackson River bridge, west of route 220. Bring chest waders, staff, nymphs, terrestrials, streamers, dries, snacks, & water.